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Composite Doors

We offer the ultimate in stylish, secure and thermally efficient Front Doors, Back Doors, Stable Doors and French Doors.

Composite doors combine attractive design with industry-leading security and outstanding thermal efficiency, ensuring that every door is a stylish addition to your home. As well as front doors and back doors, you can also choose from a range of stylish stable doors and French doors too.

When you have a composite door fitted, you’ll get the reassurance and peace of mind that your home is safe, secure and warm.

With the Stanley Standard all doors come with stainless steel handles, letterboxes, anti snap, anti bump, anti pick and are YALE Superior Key Coded – and with our Bespoke Custom Colour Service, you can choose from any colour door.

Front Doors

Rockdoor front doors are the most secure option for your home. Independent studies show time and again that our doors outperform competitor’s GRP door in both security and energy savings, so you know you’ve made the right choice with a Rockdoor.

These composite front doors come in a wide range of styles and colours and are designed to fit in and enhance the pre-existing features of your home, as well as providing unrivalled security and thermal efficiency.

Back Doors

Homeowners often see back doors as less significant as front doors. Your back door may only be used for going into the garden or into the garage, rather than as the main way in and out of your home. A secure back door is probably even more important than having a secure front door.

Crime statistics regularly show that the majority of burglars break in through the back door, as this door is often weaker. Breaking in through the back door means the criminal is usually out of sight, giving them more time to force their way into your home and to steal your possessions.

French Doors

French doors make an excellent addition to any home. They provide clear and welcoming access into garden areas, and their clean panels help to bring light into the house, even in the grey days of winter.

French doors are often considered a vulnerable point in a property, with burglars needing little more than a spade to break through and into your home. With this in mind, we’ve focused hard on preventing unauthorised entry, and have developed what we believe to be the most secure French doors available and with heating costs rising yearly, it’s becoming more important than ever to pay attention to the energy efficiency of your home.

Stable Doors

The Rockdoor Stable Doors combine the award-winning security of the Ultimate composite door series with the convenience and style you need for your home.

One of the main reasons homeowners like you decide on a Rockdoor stable door is because it allows you to open the top part of the door for ventilation, whilst keeping your children and pets safe and secure inside.

When you need the benefits of a window and the security of a composite door, you need a Rockdoor stable door.


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